Classy Style Pi-Cup

  • Merubah air menjadi alkali balance
  • Molekul air menjadi halus
  • Bersifat Antioksidan
  • Kaya akan Zink
  • Anion Exchange
  • Mengandung Ion Negatif
  • Mengurangi Klorin
Harga Rp 1.764.000


Classy Style Pi Water adalah termos penghasil air minum yang sehat dan menyehatkan tubuh. Keistimewaan tersmos ini adalah: memiliki kemampuan membuat air menjadi alkali balance dengan pH 7,5 – 8,5, molekul air menjadi halus, bersifat Anti Oksidan, mengandung Ion Negatif dan mengurangi Klorin.

Classy Style Pi Water menghasilkan air minum sehat yang bebas bau , bebas kuman , dan tidak berasa atau berwarna. Classy Style Pi Water membantu proses Detoksifikasi / buang racun dalam tubuh. Meningkatkan metabolisme Menjaga keseimbangan alkali tubuh Menjaga keseimbangan daya tahan tubuh


  1. Do not swallow the energy material in the filter
  2. To maintain the surface activity of the energy molecules and prolong the life span of the cup, do not pour any mushy material, carbonated, beverage, milk or coffee into the cup.
  3. Do not heat the cup in the microwave or with direct fire. Keep cup away from any fire source.
  4. Keep the cup away from the reach of child in order to avoid any heat injury if it is filled with hot water.
  5. First time user, should start with drinking1 cup per day and gradually increase into normal daily amount
  6. Pregnant women, infants or those who with gastric or allergy symptom need to get advice from doctor or professional before drinking water from the pi cup.
  7. Avoid drinking water from Pi Cup half an hour before and after taking medicine


Functions The magnetic effect reduces the size of water into smaller molecules and turns them into alkaline based. It contains mineral and negative ions that can increase zinc absorption and dechlorinate water.
Effects The stylish Pi Cup enables you to enjoy mild alkaline water anytime and anywhere. While quenching your thirst it also helps to detoxify your body
Usage Step 1 – load some tap water in the cup and shake it. Discard it after 3 minutes. Step 2 – load some hot water into the cup and shake well. Discard it after 3 minutes. Step 3 – load some clean water into the cup and shake well. Discard it after 3 minutes. After that you can fill in the drinking water.



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